Games I worked on

Some games I worked on, mainly as Programmer and Game Designer.

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UFRGS, AES Sul, Nexo Capacitação Digital, Twin Koryuu
Games, Unity, C#, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

Kingdom of Jinns (Unity, Android) – 2015

Android game for children, a 2D Platformer adventure, with helper creatures unlocked by Augmented Reality (Vuforia SDK).
I worked as Gameplay Designer, C# Programmer

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Virtual Reality simulator – Project by Nexo Capacitação Digital, UFRGS, AES Sul – 2014
In-game screen

A Virtual Reality simulator focused on Workplace Safety and electrician training, developed for the energy distribution company AES Sul. Made with Unity.
I worked as C# Programmer, Level Designer, Game Tester

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In-game screen

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In-game screen

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In-game screen

Tribal Duel (Unity) – Global Game Jam 2016
In-game screen

A Pong-styled multiplayer game with special moves, following the jam theme “Ritual”.
I worked as Game Designer, Music Composer, Sound Designer

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