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Andrei Aguiar Müller


Game Developer


Alvorada, RS, Brazil


A big fan of games and the things that makes them fun.


Game Developer since 2010. I have solid experience with Unity, C# and Game Design, and I'm constantly updating my skills. I also have experience with Level Design, 3D Modeling and Mobile Development.

I developed games for PC and Android, and I worked in projects involving Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. My background includes working on an educational game for Brazilian schools (Baneville), and a VR simulator for the energy company AES Sul.


Game Development – NekoSuki!

Mirror Mirai

Porto Alegre, Brazil · November, 2018 – Present

Story-driven 3D Platformer / Visual Novel in development for PC, focused on world exploration and character relationships. I’m working as Game Designer, C# Programmer, Level Designer, Scenario Writer, 3D Modeler.

YouTube playlist:

Game Development – Baneville

Gray Company

Porto Alegre, Brazil · June, 2018 – December, 2018

Educational game with activities and minigames for children, teaching notions of citizenship and respect. I worked as C# Programmer and Game Designer, developing the “Soccer” and “Selective Waste Collection” minigames, and doing overall maintenance to the game.

The game is an initiative from the Department of Education of Rio Grande do Sul, through the organ Coordenação das Comissões Internas de Prevenção de Acidentes e Violência Escolar – CIPAVE. Developed in partnership between companies MSTECH and Gray Company.

Game link:

Game Development – Look Behind You!

Mirror Mirai

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil · October, 2015 – January, 2016

Exploration-focused 3D Platformer.
I worked as Game Designer, C# Programmer, Level Designer, Scenario Writer, Music Composer.

Game link:

Unity/AR Development – Kingdom of Jinns

Mirror Mirai

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil · April, 2015 – June, 2015

Android game for children, a 2D Platformer adventure, with helper creatures unlocked by Augmented Reality (Vuforia SDK).
I worked as Game Designer, Level Designer and C# Programmer.


Unity/VR Development

Nexo Capacitação Digital

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil · 06/06/2014 – 09/30/2014

Virtual Reality simulator focused on Workplace Safety, for the energy company AES Sul. Developed with a team of 4 programmers.
I worked as C# Programmer and Project Tester.



Technologist in Digital Games


São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil · March, 2010 – December, 2014


UFRGS AES Sul Gray Company MSTECH Nexo Capacitação Digital


Game Design, Level Design, Unity Programming, C# Programming


Unity, Game development, C#, Programming, GIMP, Blender, Digital Audio Workstation, Vuforia SDK, Photoshop, VR, Java, Augmented Reality, Mobile